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Savings Evidence Map

About the Savings Evidence Map

How to use the Evidence Map

The map organizes the evidence into a matrix structure which is split across three results levels:


Why is the Evidence Map useful?

Gap maps can help navigate the huge range of information available, understand the quality of evidence and identify potential gaps. The Savings Evidence Map is a valuable resource for key stakeholders. The table below illustrates key ways practitioners, donor, investors, policy makers and researchers could find it useful.



We adopted the 3ie Evidence Gap Map approach, similar to that used by Itad for the BEAM Exchange Evidence Gap Map. It broadly followed a six-step process:


The detailed methodology is documented in the Savings Evidence Map: Part I Synthesis Report

Other Resources

Savings for Youth: A Review of Evidence


SatF: Evidence Mapping on Informal Savings Mechanisms


Digital Financial Services Evidence Gap Map Methodology

Updating the evidence 

We welcome contributions to fill the gaps and enrich the body of evidence. If you have evidence to share, please click below:


The Mastercard Foundation Savings Learning Lab

The Savings Evidence Map was developed by Itad and the SEEP Network as part of the Mastercard Foundation Savings Learning Lab.

The Mastercard Foundation Savings Learning Lab is a six-year initiative implemented by Itad, in partnership with the SEEP Network. The Lab's aim is to support learning among the Foundation’s savings sector portfolio programs through increased alignment and effectiveness of monitoring and evaluation, and through the generation, synthesis, curation and dissemination of knowledge. Itad, as the Learning Partner, works across and with the Foundation's partners, Foundation staff and with the wider Savings Sector to support actionable learning by synthesizing and aggregating learning across the portfolio and sector, conducting complementary research and facilitating learning and knowledge sharing with key audiences.


The Mango Tree is an initiative of



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