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Access to Formal Finance   

  • What is the demand for formal financial services by Savings Groups and their members?
  • What are the characteristics of the supply of formal financial services to Savings Groups - including scale, products, services, partnerships and delivery channels?
  • What are the key components of a successful strategy to expand access to formal finance by Savings Groups and their members?


Consumer Protection    

  • What are the main risk factors that have the potential to cause harm to Savings Groups and their members?
  • What are the components of an effective consumer protection regime for Savings Groups?


Fragile States 

  • Are Savings Groups an appropriate approach for financial inclusion in fragile markets?
  • What adaptations in strategy, approaches, methodology and tools are required to introduce and expand Savings Group programming in fragile markets?



  • How - and to what extent - do Savings Groups contribute to women's economic empowerment?
  • How - and to what extent - do Savings Groups transform gender norms and contribute to gender equality?



  • What is the long-term financial and institutional performance of Savings Groups?
  • What is the individual, household and community-level impact of Savings Groups?



  • To what extent do Savings Groups reach vulnerable populations, and what are the drivers and barriers for inclusion?
  • What strategies can increase and improve the outreach of Savings Groups to more vulnerable populations?


Market Systems Approach    

  • What are the components and investment strategies of an effective market systems approach to Savings Groups? 
  • How is a market systems approach being applied to Savings Groups and to what effect?



  • What tools and technologies are available to Savings Groups and the agencies that engage with them?
  • What are the factors and considerations for adoption?
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