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Safety Tips While Visiting Durban 

Durban is a very friendly and vibrant city. The beachfront is stunning and the new promenade is perfect for running or walking. There are some fun restaurants a short walk from the hotel and, of course plenty more to experience throughout the city. We particularly recommend the aquarium should you have any free time!

At the same time and like many warm coastal cities, there will be many holiday-goers and business people around, staying at the hotels. This in turn can attract solicitors and some unsavoury individuals. As you explore everything our host city has to offer, be sure to remember a few key safety tips:

  • Use your street smarts especially at night.
  • Draw cash in brightly lit areas if you must do it at night – but ideally use credit or debit cards (and remember to let your banks know ahead of time that you are travelling to South Africa to prevent being blocked as possible fraud)
  • Walk in groups, especially at night, even if just from the hotel to the beachfront
  • When at ATMs, be careful of pickpockets and do not accept any help.
  • Don’t flash cards, cash or jewellery around. Keep mobile phones in hard-to-reach pockets
  • People may offer to help you with your bags at the airport. Legitimate airport personnel will have yellow or orange jackets and a name badge.
  • There are many licenced taxis in Durban or Uber is very popular – stick to those or book through your hotel if needed.

All hotels will be helpful in recommending safe places to go and give you any further advice you need. Durban has so much to offer and we hope you get a chance to explore!



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