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Afya-Plan is a healthcare savings platform developed by Nairobi-based e-health startup, that enables pooling of resources for healthcare needs. Savings Group members contribute a pre-determined amount at each meeting to the Afya-Plan platform through a mobile money provider M-Pesa. Contributions are earmarked specifically for healthcare and, in the event of medical need, users simply text the group to access the pooled funds.  Members may request as much as 90% of the total pooled funds, disbursed as either a grant or a loan per group specifications. While currently members must cash out to make payments, Afya-Plan is working to onboard healthcare providers to the platform so that in the future funds may be directly transferred to the clinic or pharmacy, thereby facilitating payment and transaction management. AfyaPlan is also looking into connecting users to health insurance products through the application.

Afya-Plan uses USSD, Android, and Web technology to meet the needs of both low connectivity and better served populations. Aside from facilitating transactions, Afya-Plan improves accountability and money management for group members and provides health facilities a streamlined way to manage client transactions record keeping.

Contact: Ethredah Chao, Founder and CEO:
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