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Ghanaian-based BezoMoney is a USSD-powered digital savings, credit and payment platform that links clients with a mobile wallet, while building a credit history to access financial services from formal providers. While currently partnered with a major mobile money operator in Ghana, BezoMoney plans to onboard all mobile money operators in the country to ensure interoperability of its system.

BezoMoney offers three profilesBezoSusu, BezoCredit, and BezoPayeach with unique functionalities. Users have access to all profiles, and may select the profile(s) that best fit their needs.

  • BezoSusu users may choose to set up a personal wallet or a group wallet, and save either individually or with a group. The personal wallet enables users to set a savings goal and contribute towards it either daily, weekly, or monthly using mobile money. Users have the option of locking their savings goal, which restricts access to 40% of their savings in case of early withdrawals. The group wallet mirrors the traditional “susu” methodology though transactions happen through established mobile money agents and are approved by group leaders. Users may onboard their existing savings groups or form new groups. BezoSusu also makes available a decentralized and real-time record-keeping system and notifies users of all transactions through SMS.BezoMoney is currently in discussions with potential partner financial institutions to link user accounts to bank accounts, thereby improving security of deposits and providing a path into the formal financial system.
  • BezoCredit users capitalize on the savings history they have built through BezoSusu to access loans from formal financial institutions. BezoMoney is currently working on expanding its service offerings through partnerships with banks and other financial service providers.
  • BezoPay supports small businesses by allowing users to make bulk purchases at registered supermarket chains either on credit or by using their savings. Users may pay for their purchases directly from the BezoMoney platform or set up a repayment schedule for direct withdrawals from their savings. BezoMoney is currently piloting with popular supermarket chains in Ghana, where users may buy products for resale in bulk at a discount.

Only a few months since its launch in 2020, BezoMoney has reached 1,000 clients. It has established partnerships with mobile money operators and financial institutions to build credibility and scale; and it is currently onboarding group leaders of savings groups to become mobile money agents and assist users with transactions. 

Contact:Mubarak Sumaila, CEO, BezoMoney (
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