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E-recording is an android-based application developed by Software Group in collaboration with FSD Kenya, Catholic Relief Services and CARE International. The application leads members through a set-up process where the group records its membership, identifies the group leadership, and specifies who is authorized to manage the application. The application replaces all paper-based records, including individual and group-based records, and assists the groups in performing key functions such as assessing loan requests and the calculation of annual share-outs. All data is synchronized with an online portal, and groups may access their information at any time through the website SMS. This portal is also available to development organizations to monitor project and group results.

In conjunction with e-recording, the E-kit application provides a standard training curriculum with videos and tests, to support group training and the adoption of e-recording. Recent pilots have documented issues with the application’s usability, specifically noting a cumbersome interface, discrepancies in calculations, an inability to correct or delete improperly entered transactions, and problems in retrieving information. Error messages are frequent and seldom offer further instruction on how the group may resolve the issue; customization, translation and maintenance is dependent on donor funding.

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