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Savings Groups Technology Toolkit

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Developed by Danish Technology company,, the application of the same name allows Savings Groups to more effectively manage meetings and records. builds members’ financial histories based on their savings, loan-taking and loan repayment. In turn, this data creates an informal credit score that banks and financial institutions may use to assess the credit risk of Savings Group members and extend financial services. The application is highly customizable, and designed to serve all types of Savings Group methodologies including SHGs, VSLAs and SILC-style groups.

Financial transactions are logged in in an intuitive, easy-to-use interface that follows the flow of a physical meeting. Designed to be used as a companion to presential meetings, may also facilitate fully virtual meetings. Members receive SMS or email notifications (or push messages on their phone if they have the app installed) summarizing their transactions, and may perform a transaction at any time as long as the meeting remains open. Additionally, is working to introduce digital transactions, working with multiple mobile money operators to enhance interoperability.

Users currently have access to WhatsApp and Telegram channels for any customer support needs. In future versions, will make available an interactive interface directly within the application. Members will also enjoy microlearnings, short voice or text messages related to personal financial management.

Through a free, basic subscription, facilitating agencies have access to group metrics and real-time data, which includes the basic SAVIX reporting indicators at no cost. Premium, paid subscriptions provide facilitating agencies with data analysis, early warning indicators, performance indicators, and possibilities for further integration into the SAVIX. Additionally, facilitating agencies and their trainers may access free visual guides that cover various topics related to the application as well as group training and management.

As of mid-2020, remains in the piloting phase, a co-creation process with village agents and Savings Groups, based on user-centric design techniques and constant user feedback. Under a partnership with the Government of Ethiopia (Ministry of Women, Children and Youth, the Ministry of Innovation, and the Federal Cooperative Agency), will be deployed to 5,000 Savings Groups, reaching 100,000 individuals across Ethiopia.
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