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LedgerLink is an android application that allows Savings Groups to record transactions digitally; and automates calculations such as loan balances and share-outs. A migration feature allows for the digitization of the groups’ previous paper-based records. Group demographics and performance data is stored on the cloud and is readily available to NGO program staff and financial institutions if the group agrees to push the data to these stakeholders. By sharing their transaction data with Grameen’s partner financial institutions, groups can establish a credit history for access to savings accounts, loans, and microinsurance products.

LedgerLink can be used in tandem with a group mobile wallet, enabling digital payments and access to formal financial services.

LedgerLink uses a video-based training curriculum directly integrated into the application and designed to provide appropriate technical support. It also offers a practice mode to ensure users continue to learn to use the application at their convenience – without the time and costs associated with refresher trainings.

Recognizing the need for ongoing technical support, networks of community trainers are available to address any issues the group might encounter. Grameen is currently working on a text-light option to better serve low literacy populations and make available translations of the training curriculum video in local languages.

Contact: Bindi Jhaveri, Technical Manager, Financial Services (

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