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MaTontine is a financial technology firm based in Senegal. Its digital financial services platform by the same name – MaTontine – provides Savings Groups, irrespective of methodology, access to financial and non-financial services, including savings accounts, microinsurance, health insurance, crop insurance, training packages, and key messaging. For ROSCAs, MaTontine automates operations, including recording membership, determining borrower sequence, and issuing payment reminders. All financial transactions are performed and recorded digitally, using mobile phones and mobile money. The platform further incorporates an in-built credit scoring system, a mobile payment system through partnerships with mobile money providers, SMS communications, dashboards, and geo-location reporting to FSPs and NGOs.

Developers report that barriers to adoption are minimal as the intuitive interface does not require high levels of digital or functional literacy. Access to the basic service is free for groups and members; revenues are generated through commissions from partners who offer their products on the platform.
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