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Maximus is a mobile solution for bank-linked Savings Groups to manage their activities and transact with four partner financial institutions, without the use of cash. Built by Emergent Payments Ghana (an aggregator for mobile operators), Maximus allows SG members to contribute and withdraw funds from their group account, providing group and individual records. Through Maximus, FSPs can expand their market for digital financial services and reduce transaction costs.

Recognizing that only about 10 percent of Savings Group members in Ghana use mobile money, Emergent Payments launched Hybrid Maximus in 2019. Hybrid Maximus allows members to make cash-based contributions to their group, through a network of member-agents, online or offline. The group itself, however, is completely cashless. Members who transact in cash, and those who transact with their mobile wallets are tracked identically within the Maximus platform, and groups can conduct their activities without the need to maintain a cash balance.

During its six-month pilot in 2019, Maximus recorded 15,000 transaction totaling $365,000, and reached 189 groups with 3000 users. Maximus is currently working with four rural banks and microfinance companies in Ghana.

Contact: Saqib Nazir, Managing Director, Africa, Emergent Payments (
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