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MyWORTH is a digital recordkeeping application used by Pact’s WORTH programs. The application improves the quality of group records and automates calculations; an integrated wallet feature, from TIGOPesa, also enables digital payments between the group and its members.

Pact has based its myWORTH digital recordkeeping solution for Savings Groups on personal smartphone ownership. During the design phase, the project team observed that members with smartphones use them extensively to enhance their income earning opportunities. They observed, for example, that members with smartphones use WhatsApp to offer bulk purchase and distribution of goods to other social network members for a small markup.

Pact grew convinced that the cost of a device and mobile broadband access is now sufficiently low, relative to the potential economic benefit of internet adoption, such that it decided to encourage SG members to acquire a smartphone of their own by making it mandatory for the adoption of myWORTH.

Through myWORTH, Pact delivers eLearning content to groups and individual users, leveraging its expertise in developing relevant, digital training content and curating content that is already available online.

In 2018, MyWORTH was piloted with 2,000 adolescent girls and young women in Temeke, Tanzania. In 2020, myWORTH will be further scaled in Tanzania, Eswatini, Kenya and Liberia.

Contact: Meg Bearor, Advisor, Livelihoods & Economic Opportunities, Pact (
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