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Exuus (a DreamStart Labs company), is a social impact FinTech based in Rwanda. In 2016, our founder led the world’s first comprehensive survey of all informal Savings Groups in an entire country, documenting more than 1 million unbanked individuals across Rwanda. This experience lead to the creation of a groundbreaking new technology that simplifies savings groups by removing the physical cashbox.

Our flagship SAVE product is an innovative digital wallet solution that allows groups to go fully cashless. With SAVE, group members can conduct transactions anytime, anywhere, using mobile money. Our groundbreaking “virtual wallet" technology ensures members pay no transaction fee for payments within the group. It also enables direct linkage with partner banks — ensuring security for group savings and giving groups access to additional capital for supplemental loans at low rates. SAVE is currently available for savings groups in Rwanda.

Partners interested in a digital ledger solution should also consider DreamSave from our parent company, DreamStart Labs. DreamSave supports all popular Savings Group models, is free to use, and is available in multiple languages and countries throughout Africa, Asia, and Latin America.
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