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SG monitoring through TaroWorks and Salesforce

Leveraging a combination of the TaroWorks survey application and Salesforce, Oxfam America created a cloud and mobile-based system for data collection and management that is highly customizable. The management information system tracks industry-standard metrics as well as customized group- and individual-level metrics, which are set by projects without limits. Quality analytics and data visualization are available through Salesforce, as are historical or point-in-time reports. Additionally, reporting can be automated; and automatic alerts created to notify staff of anomalous results or upcoming share-outs.

Digital surveys can be developed in any language and administered with TaroWorks. Data collected through TaroWorks may be analyzed at the partner, community, country, regional and global levels – all in English even if data is collected in a different language.

The administration of the system is complex and requires a basic understanding of TaroWorks and Salesforce. The system can be cloned and interested organizations should contact Oxfam America.

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