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Savings Groups Technology Toolkit

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Self Help Group Digital Platform

Developed by Code Innovation with funding from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the Self-Help Group digital platform is an open source application that digitizes the SHG and Savings Group methodologies with the objective of supporting quality at scale. The curriculum builds from the basic guidelines of group dynamics and group functioning and includes case studies, games, stories, and financial templates for use by trainers. Thematic modules on social entrepreneurship, group income-generating activities, and approaches to disaster risk reduction, all based on participatory learning techniques, provide support outside of the core savings and lending curriculum.

The application tracks each group’s progress through the training, and an optimized dashboard reports on group performance. Key indicators include attendance, savings, loans outstanding, and loans outstanding as a percentage of savings.

Code Innovation is currently expanding the application for use beyond trainers and program managers to reach group members directly, allowing them to hold digital passbooks and access group records electronically.

The application has been introduced through partners in Ethiopia, Tanzania, India, Malawi, Haiti, Kenya, Rwanda, India and Uganda.

A YouTube channel provides ongoing support and continued learning opportunities for English-speaking users.

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