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The SAVIX MIS and the SAVIX Data App

Developed by VSL Associates and Software Group, the SAVIX MIS is an online management Information system synchronized with the Savings Groups Information Exchange (SAVIX). The MIS enables users to collect and store group-level data, along a series of 24 standardized metrics as well user-defined variables. Data may be collected and entered manually – or electronically through the accompanying SAVIX Data App. Automated reports track the performance of groups, trainers, supervisors, areas, projects, organizations and networks. All group data remains private; project results may be made public through automated reporting to the SAVIX, at the discretion of the project administrator.

The SAVIX MIS is the most widely used management information system in the sector, with over 1,200 projects reporting to the SAVIX, covering over 6 million members across over 50 countries. The standardized tool is user-friendly and enables comparisons across projects and organizations – however, customization is not possible, and users cite limitations related to general rigidity, limited data analytics, and inability to store individual data.

The MIS is intuitive but requires training for all users – additional digital literacy training and onsite supervision may be required for the adoption of the SAVIX Data App by trainers.
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