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Developed by Fundación Inversión y Cooperación, Qmobile is a management information system for data collection, storage, reporting and analysis. The MIS tracks socio-economic and performance indicators at the levels of the group and individual members, and offers built-in program management tools to improve productivity, control quality, and facilitate communication and work planning between program managers, trainers, and group members. The program management package includes workflow calendars, message boards, and planning spaces that improve staff supervision, operational accountability and transparency. In addition, the digital library includes instructional material that may accessed by trainers and group members as needed; and several socio-economic surveys, including the PPI, are available to measure outcomes and member impact.

The Qmobile application, designed to work both online and off-line on smartphones and tablets, makes data collection possible in low bandwidth environments. Customization is possible through the Fundación Inversión y Cooperación; users should carefully assess the costs of adaptations, the level of control required, and implications for testing, quality assurance and technical support.
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