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Textit is a digital platform that enables organizations to deliver and receive messages from targeted recipients through SMS. The tool can be used for monitoring, research, key messaging and campaigns, improving the efficiency of data collection and communication – especially in areas that are not easily accessible.

In 2016, World Relief began using TextIt to collect longitudinal data on independent Savings Groups – group number, cycle completed, total savings, total share-out, number of members, and interest in continuing onto a new cycle. The digital platform enables World Relief to more effectively monitor the long-term performance of Savings Groups and the results of its investments in the sector, beyond project periods.

Any organization may set up an account, create flows and access the information received for free (costs are incurred only when messages are sent and received). World Relief also provides technical assistance to sector stakeholders to adopt the tool, create and utilize flows, translate flows into local languages, export and analyze data, and troubleshoot any problems encountered by staff and groups.
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