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DreamStart Labs is a market-leading social impact FinTech that helps people in the developing world achieve their dreams of a better life. Our founders spent more than 20 years in Silicon Valley building world-class commercial products and companies, and also ran a successful microfinance bank in Africa. Our passion is to bring the innovation of Silicon Valley to the world of global poverty alleviation with unparalleled excellence, impact, and scale. DreamStart Labs is a member of the Inclusive Fintech 50, which honors the top 50 tech startups worldwide driving financial inclusion for 3 billion underserved people. Our innovative technology has won multiple awards, including "Best Developing World Technology" from Fast Company.

Our award-winning DreamSave app is the fast, fun, smart way to manage Savings Groups. DreamSave is a digital ledger solution that makes it easy to run meetings, simplify recordkeeping, achieve financial goals, build credit history, and connect to financial services. It works entirely offline and backs up data automatically whenever a network connection is available through our innovative DreamSync technology. And coming soon, we’ll be integrating our new SAVE digital wallet technology, allowing members to use mobile money instead of cash — anytime, anywhere.

With DreamSave, manual data collection is also a thing of the past. DreamSave Insights, our powerful data analytics platform, collects data automatically from groups in the field, giving partners detailed information from all their groups in real-time.

Getting started with DreamSave is easy. It supports all popular savings group models, is free to use, and is available in multiple languages and countries throughout Africa, Asia, and Latin America.

Partners interested in a digital wallet solution with integrated mobile money should also consider our SAVE product from Exuus (a DreamStart Labs company). SAVE is currently available for savings groups in Rwanda.


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Welcome to DreamSave Insights

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