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Training Videos

Several development organizations have developed videos to support the mobilization and training of Savings Groups. Training videos maintain the quality and consistency of training by relaying information to trainers, groups, and target communities without omissions or human error. In general, these tools are designed to be transferred to the sim card, smartphone or tablet of trainers, groups and other community members – and do not require internet connectivity after the initial download. Facilitators may review the videos before a training or use the videos as a job aid in the training itself. Group members equipped with a smartphone may consult the videos as often as required to review a concept that might need further attention or clarification. Videos are not meant to replace in-person training; rather they should be considered complements to highlight key procedures, reinforce crucial messages, and promote discussion.


The Community-Based Savings Groups Training Videos, developed by AKF, provide a detailed overview of the methodology and key processes and procedures, and is intended to orient project management, trainers and community leaders. Based on the VSLA methodology, the series of 10 videos includes an introduction and a general overview of the methodology, as well as modules on delivery mechanisms, group formation, social fund, savings and credit policies, record keeping, savings meetings, loan meetings, daily savings options, and annual share out. The videos are available at no cost, on Savings Revolution.


Going Mobile training videos, developed by Freedom from Hunger (now the Grameen Foundation), is a series of 10 animated videos that guides trainers and groups through the Savings for Change methodology. The videos are available from the Grameen Foundation upon request – in English, French, Portuguese, Mina, Moore, Dioula, Lyele, and Nuni.

Going Mobile-Keeping Your Money Safe is a series of 7 financial education videos designed for Savings Groups, and introduces groups to the benefits and requirements of a group mobile wallet. The trainer is encouraged to show the videos to the group, facilitate discussions based on the videos, and answer any questions. The videos are available from the Grameen Foundation upon request – in English, French, Moore, Dioula, Lyele, Nuni, Fon, and Nago.

Business Training for Savings Groups includes seven business education sessions on small business management. The videos are copied to the trainer’s android smartphone or tablet memory card and are used as job aids to refresh key principles prior to facilitating a meeting. They may also be shared with group members. The videos are available from the Grameen Foundation upon request – in English, French and Mina.

Improve Your Agricultural Business Management training videos is a series of 7 financial education sessions designed to strengthen the agricultural businesses of group members. The videos are copied to the android smartphone or tablet memory card of trainers and are used as an instructional aid. They may also be transferred to group members. The videos are available from the Grameen Foundation upon request – in English, French, Moore, Dioula, Lyele and Nuni.


The Savings Group Formation Kit, developed by FSD Zambia in partnership with Media365, is a series of video training materials designed for master trainers, trainers, groups and target communities. The various materials aim to support the training of trainers and groups, strengthen norms in the sector, distill key messages within target communities, and catalyze peer-to-peer training and spontaneous replication. The kit is available from FSD Zambia upon request, in three languages (Nyanja, Bimba and Tonga) with English subtitles.


The 9 Steps to a Successful Meeting is a series of short videos that may be used as a complement to staff or group training, guiding them through the steps of an SG meeting and demonstrating key principles. Based on the VSLA methodology, the video series includes modules on opening a meeting, daily savings, share purchasing, loan repayment, calculating a loan, taking a loan, managing the social fund, totaling balances, and closing the meeting. The videos are accompanied by testimonials in the form of case studies to promote discussions around the key benefits and principles of Savings Groups. The videos are available from World Vision at no cost.

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