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 ZAZU is a multi-level solution to financial management that delivers financial literacy courses and allows the user to store, spend, and keep track of transaction through a mobile wallet feature.  The financial literacy curriculum allows users to learn the basics of money management through a series of courses on savings, credit, insurance, mobile money, income, and budgeting, all accompanied by quizzes to test retention. Users may access content on topics of their choice through an intuitive menu, based on USDD technology, or call a toll-free number to listen to modules through IVR technology. The digital wallet enables users to pay for goods and services, and an automated analysis of expenditures breaks down spending into categories, such as clothing, housing, food, etc.  

The Zambian financial technology startup partnered with FSD Zambia to pilot ZAZU in the Copperbelt province in 2018. The pilot demonstrated the usability of the platform as well as promising user demand.Through the promotion by Savings Group trainers and radio advertisements, ZAZU reached 6,184 people in its first year, with over 50 percent of users taking more than one course and spending an average of 4 minutes and 18 seconds on the platform at each use. 


Perseus Mlambo, CEO, ZAZU (
Chipili Lumpa Mwamba, Informal Fianance Project Manager, FSDZ (
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