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Savings Groups Technology Toolkit

The introduction and adoption of technology is transforming the global landscape for Savings Groups and the agencies that engage with them. Technology solutions are being developed and employed to train Savings Groups and their trainers, improve the efficiency and security of group operations, and support the relationship between Savings Groups and external service providers.

Videos and mobile-based tools complement staff training and provide continuous support to SG trainers. These tools may reduce training costs, improve the capacity of SG trainers, and reduce trainer needs for sustained technical assistance. Mobile-based tools have the potential to reduce the cost of training Savings Groups, improve training methods and group quality, and create a community-based mechanism for sustained replication. 

There is much enthusiasm about the digitization of Savings Groups. Digital record-keeping has the potential to reduce meeting times, safeguard group and individual records and simplify calculations as well as the exit and entry of members. And various technologies have been introduced to Savings Groups to engage with external service providers.  Some have been developed by governments and NGOs for critical messaging, but most have been introduced by MNOs and financial institutions to market digital financial services to Savings Groups.

Currently in development, the Mango Tree’s technology compendium is an interactive catalog that will feature and review the main technologies available to Savings Groups and sector stakeholders. 

Technology Catalog

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